Melatonin connection with sleep

Most of us like to sleep a lot and few people take regular naps in a day. This would boost the energy of an individual instantly and help to get more focus. Let us know how you get to sleep and how melatonin is helpful for it.

Melatonin plays the game

Melatonin a hormone that is present in the brain is the reason behind your daily sleep-wake cycles. A person would have an internal clock cycle that would count the amount of light that your body is exposed to. Melatonin would start to increase right from the evening tonight, thus you would get sleep. Again in the morning, the level of this hormone in the body would get reduced thus you would stay awake.

How environment influences Melatonin?

Since winter would have fewer hours of daylight, the melatonin is secreted very early than usual. Due to this, you would feel drowsy, fatigue, mood swings and sleepy. Natural light would be very less so the sleep-wake cycle is changed. The effects that you get because of this are called as a seasonal affective disorder.

But, you have to know that lack of natural light is not the only reason for you to increase Melatonin in the body but certain food items would also contribute to it. Some of the foods like tomato, walnuts, milk, cherries, rice, and olive are the reason behind it. When you consume these items it is possible for you to feel sleepy and calm.

Natural sleep aid

Natural sleep aid

In traditional drugstores, there will be natural Melatonin supplements. These can be taken by people who are suffering from insomnia, jet lag issues, and shift work-related issues. These supplements are available as a liquid, pill, chewable, or lozenge forms. Depending upon the requirement the dosage strength of it can be taken. You can take thirty to sixty minutes before your bedtime so that you can get your sleep.

Ambien – effective sleep medication

ambien for sleep

Ambien is one of the top sleep pills on the market. It is available in two different dosage strengths like 5mg and 10mg. If you are women who are suffering from sleep issues then it is best that you take the lowest dose that is 5mg. Usually, women will have lesser metabolism rate so the medication is absorbed very slowly in the body.

If you are a man then you can take either 5mg or 10mg as per the instructions of your doctor.

What should you do if you want to prolong the sleeping period?

There are two forms available for Ambien medication. First are immediate release tablets and second is extended-release capsules. If you are struggling to get sleep then immediate release tablets would be appropriate for you.

As soon as you take it, you can sleep in a peaceful manner. However, if you are a person who can easily sleep but are not able to maintain it throughout the night then extended-release capsules can be beneficial for you.

Once you take the capsule first layer would get absorbed by the body which causes you to sleep. After a certain period, the inner ingredients are dissolved so that you can get the effects for a prolonged period of time.

You can go about choosing one that you want based on the requirement only after consulting with your medical specialist.